We use only the best cuts, top rounds of beef for our beef jerky. It is a full muscle jerky it is sliced with our horizontal slicer. We place the beef in our tumbler with our special recipe marinade added to the process. The tumbler is a vacuum machine that removes all the air and opens the pores of the meat. The marinade is absorbed by the meat giving it the great flavor. Next it is placed on screens by hand, one piece at a time, placed in the smokehouse and dried for 5 hours. After the meat is removed and cooled down we finish off by hand cutting, weighing and packaging for our customers.

All of our Beef Jerky is made WITHOUT MSG!

We cure our meat with a blend of seasoning, soy sauce, molasses, onions, garlic, vinegar,and other specialty spices based on the which flavor is cured.

If you are concerned about food allergies or have ingredients questions please give us a call at 715-535-4741!

Some people want to meet the president, some people want to meet their favorite sports person, I want to meet Mike from “Mike’s Country Meats” and thank him personally for his regular beef jerky! It’s amazing!!!!!