I'm stealing part of this from Sir Mix-a-lot, but here goes: "Oh my god Becky look at Mike's Beef Jerky, it's so big.....I mean Mike's Beef Jerky it's just so big, I mean I can't it's so long and yummy, I mean it's out there"!!! In my opinion, this is the BEST Beef Jerky in the World....nothing compares, it's the real deal!! It's nothing like that Jack's Links or that Trapper wanna be stuff, this is True 100% dry and chewy jerky, just like jerky is supposed to be made!! I found this on a whim while picking up some snacks at a convenience store for a flight and boy once I opened the package and took a bite, I was hooked for life!! Since that time I have been ordering a minimum of 4lbs. at a time!! Thanks for making the best jerky that I have ever tasted in 50 years!!

~ Jay Chikowski